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Life, In the midst of disappointments, anguish, worries, and obscurity, there is hope for us all; we just need to be strong in faith; God Is Good, trust Him, He is giver and the keeper of life.


    FAITH GOSPEL TABERNACLE AT SALVATION ROAD!  SALVATION ROAD:                                                                                                               IT’S A SONG!  Salvation Road begins as Credit View Road ends If your life needs a change come to Salvation Road At Faith Gospel Church we will take you by the hand And sit you in the pew where you’ll hear its gospel band The … Continue reading SALVATION ROAD!


Consider this: If people who are righteous keep to righteousness, they will avoid going to hell; and after this life, they will spend eternity with God in paradise! Then even for that reason alone, let’s try living a righteous lifestyle and keep hope alive.

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